“6 Degrees of Freestyling” Workshops

Are held every three weeks on the weekend. These workshops are designed to speed up your progress toward confident freestyling. Our instructors will revise all the moves you have learned during the Beginner classes from the previous three Thursday nights.


While aiming to support our newest dancers, these workshops will also benefit more experienced dancers. Each workshop will help you remember the moves, link the moves, and learn the skills and techniques needed to make the moves smooth, safe and fun. In a smaller group you have the opportunity to pick up hints and tips that are tailored to your needs. Even numbers are preferred so you must pre-register.

  • Learn how to link moves, style up moves, and dance them to different tempos so you can start to relax and have fun on the dance floor.
  • If you are new to Ceroc, we ask that you attend at least 2 to 3 classes in the lead-up to the workshop so we can maximise the time spent fine tuning your moves and providing  hints and tips tailored to you.
  • You can pre-register via email or by contacting Natalie via our Contact page form.
    • Minimum numbers are required for the Routine/Workshop 7 days prior to the scheduled start date
    • If we have not reached these numbers by this date the Routine/Workshop may be cancelled. If you have already booked and paid we will let you know of the cancellation and will give you a full refund
    • Current Membership Card must be sighted at time of registration to receive the Member’s Discount
    • Full payment, or a 50% deposit, is required when you book.  Refunds will NOT be given for cancellations within 7 days of the start date of the Routine/ Workshop  (unless the Routine/Workshop has been cancelled by us as stated above). Registrations reeived without payment are NOT confirmed.
Workshop dates:
February Saturday 3rd and 24th
March Saturday 17th
April Saturday 7th and 28th
May Saturday 19th
June Saturday 9th and 30th
July Saturday 21st
August Saturday 11th
September Saturday  1st and 22nd
October Saturday  26th
November Saturday 30th
December No workshop

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