Learning a routine is a great opportunity for you to improve your dancing experience.

You will learn a sequence of moves that can last between 3 to 4 minutes. This will improve your dance repertoire, style and technique. Participating in a routine is also a great way help you get to know other people in the club. The time you put into the lessons and practice, will help build ‘muscle memory’ so the moves can be embedded into your freestyle dancing (the moves can be used in other songs in the future).

If you want to build your confidence on the dance floor, don’t be afraid to sign up for a routine at a lower level than your current dance ability. Doing a routine is as much about improving your dancing as it is about having fun. Doing a slightly easier routine can help to reinforce good dance technique that will be of benefit when learning more challenging moves.


Remember, for you and your dance partner, to get the most out of learning a routine ensure you can meet for at least one practice session with your partner between each rehearsal session.

Good communication is the key to any relationship. Working together to learn a routine will require both partners giving feedback. No one responds well to frustration and loss of patience. If in doubt about how to give feedback to your partner, please ask your routine instructors.



For upcoming routines, please see our News & Events page.