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    Dance Party 18th of January, 2020, 7:30pm

    Wellers Hill is back in action! Since the disaster that caused the cancellation of our Christmas party, the “Enough is Enough” dancers have been itching to show it to everyone. Pencil in Saturday 18th Jan to dance the night away. As a bonus – its Louie and Trevor’s 60th birthday. Will there be cake? Come and find out!



“Everyone is so friendly and helpful, no matter what your experience level is. I always have such a great time”

“The music is great and people are smiling at you and for that one moment in your week, all you’re thinking about is dancing.”

“My wife and I are busy professionals and had limited social life. We were invited to try dancing, and have now been with Ceroc for more than two years. We found the people very welcoming. The instruction was better than expected. We’ve now participated in 3 dance routines and performed them at club events. The club has become part of our family and our social life has changed for the better”

“Ceroc can be a life changer like it was for me. From the experience of learning an easy but dynamic dance style to meeting wonderful new like-minded friends anywhere your life takes you . And Ceroc certainly can take you places with extra confidence and fitness that having a dance skill seems to bring.”