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ABBA Dance Routine TBA (will start either March or April, 2022)

After a 2 year unexpected delay, get your dancing queen gear on, because we’re doing the ABBA routine!

For new and experienced dancers, learning a routine is a great opportunity to improve your dancing experience.
You will learn a sequence of moves with the same partner that will improve your dance repertoire, style and technique. Participating in a routine is also a great way to help you get to know other people in the club.
Learning a routine helps to build muscle memory so moves can be embedded into your freestyle dancing. While the routine is open to all levels, it is strongly recommended that beginner dancers find a partner who has more experience. You are encouraged to perform the routine at the Showcase Night on the 9th May, but as always, performing is totally optional. (Lots of fun though).
Doing a routine is as much about having fun as improving your dancing, so if you need help finding a partner or you’re ready to sign up, call Susan on 0409 343 086 to reserve your place or email .

It starts Sunday (TBA) at 10am for 6 sessions at that time.

Cost is $130 members, $140 non-members.